Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums Of 2013

Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums Of 2013

top 10 hip hop albums

Now that 2013 is behind us, we at Can’t Stop Hip Hop would like to take you back through the year and showcase our top 10 Hip-Hop albums of the year. Let’s jump right in and get started, shall we?


10. Big Sean – Hall Of Fame



After the release of his Detroit mixtape in 2012, Big Sean had a whole lot of new fans and the anticipation for Hall Of Fame was extremely high. With singles like Guap and Switch Up, fans slowly began to realize the weakness of these records and the album was losing its hype. Sean then redeemed himself with the Beware single that did pretty well on the charts. After the album was released, most people agreed that the album did not live up to the hype, although it is still a great all-around album.

[box]Favorite Tracks: Ashley, Beware, World Ablaze[/box]


9. 2 Chainz – BOATS II: Me Time



Although the sales were lower than his debut album, 2 Chainz delivered a more solid project with BOATS 2: Me Time. The lead single, Feds Watching, actually did quite well on the charts and the video got over 13 million views on Youtube. All in all, the album isn’t good lyrically but it’s creative and catchy, which is what seems to be the trend in today’s society.

[box]Favorite Tracks: I Do It, Used 2, U Da Realest[/box]


8. A$AP Rocky – Long.Live.A$AP



A$AP Rocky kicked off the 2013 year with the release of his debut album Long.Live.A$AP and unfortunately many people seem to have forgotten about it already. The unique sound of Rocky has definitely set him apart from the competition and the album showcases multiple personalities and sounds. From songs like 1 Train – which  is a track full of straight bars from some of the most lyrical in the game – to songs like Wild For The Night and Fashion Killa, you would think you’re listening to two separate albums. Variety is a great thing, especially when executed well.

[box]Favorite Tracks: 1 Train, Fashion Killa, Fuckin’ Problems[/box]


7. Mac Miller – Watching Movies With The Sound Off


Mac Miller – Watching Movies With The Sound Off

If we had an award for the biggest surprise album of 2013, Mac Miller would definitely win. He not only surprised us, but also all of the critics who couldn’t wait to tear the LP to pieces via review. Watching Movies With The Sound Off is the first project to showcase the evolution of Mac Miller and it doesn’t disappoint in any aspect. The lyrics are on point and the production is top-notch. Not to mention, the creativity and variety of sounds keeps the album fresh. This album made me a fan of Mac.

[box]Favorite Tracks: Watching Movies, Objects In The Mirror, The Star Room[/box]


6. Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP 2


eminem marshall mathers lp 2

Eminem hadn’t released an album in 3 years prior to the release of The Marshall Mathers LP 2 and the hardcore fans couldn’t wait. Although he’s a changed man and his lyrics aren’t like they used to be, Em still found a way to make a solid 16-track project. With singles like Rap God, Berzerk and Survival, we got a sense as to how the whole album would sound early on. Thanks to those singles and The Monster with Rihanna, Em debuted at the #1 spot on the Billboard charts. Then again, because his name is Eminem, he probably didn’t even need a single to top the charts.

[box]Favorite Tracks: Headlights, The Monster, Bad Guy[/box]


5. Juicy J – Stay Trippy



Surprised? Not too many music sites praised Juicy J’s Stay Trippy album but we aren’t just like every other site, we have our own unique opinion. This album is packed full of club bangers and “turn up” music (I know, I hate that word too) that will surely get you hyped no matter where you are. The album’s lead single, Bandz A Make Her Dance, was a huge success in the clubs/on the radio, and was an early peek as to how the LP would sound. Juicy followed that up with two more successful club bangers, Show Out and Bounce It. One of the best tracks on the album, apart from the club bangers, is the Yelawolf-featured Gun Plus A Mask, which showcases lyrical talent from both artists. Great album with few weaknesses!

[box]Favorite Tracks: Scholarship, Gun Plus A Mask, Bounce It, Stop It[/box]


4. Kanye West – Yeezus



Where oh where do we start? Kanye West’s Yeezus is simply incomparable to any album out there. Whether or not that’s a good thing is all personal preference. For us, it was a good album but it could’ve been a lot better. Ye took a different approach by not releasing a single before the album was released and that was very smart. Months later, he decided to make Black Skinhead and Bound 2 the first two singles and released music videos for both. Perhaps the most surprising and interesting aspect of the album is that Chief Keef is the only rap feature on the whole LP (Hold My Liquor). The production and lyrics on this album are extremely different from his previous work but it works out just fine. Another great Kanye album to add to the amazing discography.

[box]Favorite Tracks: Blood On The Leaves, Hold My Liquor, New Slaves[/box]


3. J. Cole – Born Sinner


J. Cole – Born Sinner (Tracklist)

J. Cole’s Born Sinner is an album all about his past and stories that made him who he is today, which is one of my personal favorite subjects in Hip-Hop. Perhaps the biggest song from the album is the Miguel-featured single Power Trip, which is one of my personal favorite singles of the whole year. Another successful single is Crooked Smile, which features a hook from TLC, who sound as good as ever. Overall, the unique, soulful production is what really made this album stand out from the rest. One of the best albums of the year, no doubt.

[box]Favorite Tracks: Power Trip, Rich Niggaz, Villuminati[/box]


2. Pusha T – My Name is My Name



Pusha T’s debut solo studio album, My Name Is My Name, is nothing less than a subliminal statement to the rap game saying that he’s an elite artist that you should be aware of. Many claim that his repetitive raps about selling drugs gets old but this album showcases a lot more than just drug-selling, hardcore rap – it showcases variety and creativity. With singles like Pain featuring Future and Sweet Serenade featuring Chris Brown, Push still finds a way to rap about selling coke in a radio-friendly track. He also has a song with Kendrick Lamar on the album (Nosetalgia) that may just be the best bar-for-bar rap song of the year. This is a great album with great variety and playback value.

[box]Favorite Tracks: Nosetalgia, Sweet Serenade, No Regrets[/box]


1. Drake – Nothing Was the Same



Should’ve known this one was coming. Over the past few years, Drake has almost seemed untouchable when it comes to albums and singles. With the first two singles from the LP (Started from the BottomHold On, We’re Going Home) charting within the top 10 on Billboard, we knew we were in for a great ride. Speaking of Hold On We’re Going Home, Drizzy stated, in an interview, that he wants the single to be played at marriages 10+ years down the road and I can definitely see that becoming a reality. The album’s replay value is just like all of his other albums, top-notch. I can still, months later, play through the whole album without skipping a single track. That should say something.
The LP has the classic Drake feel to it and he is definitely in his rapping prime right now. This, in my mind, was the only album of the year that lived up to the tremendous hype.

[box]Favorite Tracks: Hold On, We’re Going Home, Furthest Thing, Too Much, The Language[/box]

Let us know what you think about the list in the comments section below! Any feedback/criticism is welcome.

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  • Major

    mnimn should be #1, lyrically, productively and cohesive-wise it is leaps n bounds beyond nwts. It may be drake season – doesnt mean there aren,t better artists


    Chief Keef actually sang on “Hold My Liquor” and you forgot King Louis on “Send It Up” Also I can’t imagine why Danny Brown’s Old isn’t on here

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  • ahhhh

    danny brown old

  • Mac Miller’s album should’ve been replace with Wale’s The Gifted for sure! Everything else was pretty straight.

  • B.lowe

    No Doris-Earl Sweatshirt???

  • saywhat

    I’d rather see born sinner #2 my name is my name #3 Yeezus #9 2chainz boats 2 #10 but over all it’s a good top 10 list!

  • deondra hodges jr.

    Really .. no wale

  • zero

    Ok yeezus need to be dead last j should be 9th (even tho he got good bangers) sean should be higher than 2chains (sells wise n bars for bars wise) pusha 4th/3rd cuz of rap skills n like everyone saying eminem should be first he got platnuim fast n drake really ik its drake and kendrick being the hotest but compared to MMLP2 isnt worth a chance

  • Jtzll Fy Niaina

    Nothing was the same may have been the best hip hop album that came out in 2013 but I definitely skip through some of the tracks in this album! more than a year after take care and thank me later though and I still don’t skip a track on those two albums. those are the best albums that Drake ever brought out in my opinion.

  • JKfreshprince

    MMLP2 and My Name is My Name are actually better than Nothing Was The Same. Drake’s album is not a classic. The last classic album that got released was Good Kid, m.A.A.d City by Kendrick last year.

    • B.lowe

      Drake’s album is the first rap album I’ve heard where EVERY song gets played on the radio and no one complains

  • Jason

    Nice list I agree with everything except MMLP2 not being top 3. Also why is Magna Carter in the pic but not on the list?

  • יאמן ק’זל

    MMLP2 number 6? pathetic….shit list….MMLP2 should be number 1

    • It’s a bad list because one album isn’t #1? Makes no sense.

  • where is the king kendrick this is fucked up me

    • Trey Arline

      He didn’t release anything in 2013.

  • Trey Arline

    Seriously? Big Sean? Juicy J? 2 Chainz? I actually like 2 Chainz and Juicy J but this list is pathetic. Born Sinner damn near put me to sleep. I’m just gonna pray Wale doesn’t come kill you guys now.

    • What makes it pathetic? What would you change if you could? (Oh and LOL @ the Wale line)

  • Tony

    Did you forget Magna Carta?? Come on that has to be top 5

    • I didn’t literally forget about it but I mentally did because it wasn’t memorable. I couldn’t listen to any song on there after the first 2 weeks of listening. I tried to but It just got stale.

      • B.lowe

        i thought i was the only one who thought that

  • IconicBlast

    pussy ass list. Yeezus should be #1 and MMLP2 should be #2. Why the fuck is Juicy J even on this shitty list? Ya’ll don’t know shit about hiphop

    • You’re right, we don’t know shit about hip hop. We don’t keep up with and support it every day or anything.

  • folarin

    No Wale – The Gifted????

    • Close but no cigar. It’s a top 15 album, in my opinion.

      • invalid. The Gifted was the best. smh


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