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Rejoice, Rappers Are Rapping Again! Gift of Gab Is Back At It


Rejoice, Rappers Are Rapping Again! Gift of Gab Is Back At It

Gift of Gab is arguably the most fitting moniker for any emcee to ever clutch a pen and pad.

The long-winded lyricist hailing from Sacramento has consistently peeled the paint of mics since his debut solo project, ‘Blazing Arrow’ and is releasing an EP entitled ‘Rejoice! Rappers Are Rapping Again!’ this April.

Currently on tour with DJ/Producer Chief-Xcel, -who together have long been known as ‘Blackalicious’ – his impending project challenges listeners to engage injustice with purposeful intention, while pounding ear drums with a patented onslaught of lyrical mastery.

Gab makes it clear that “the new batch of songs I’m working on is all about lyricism for heads who love it. I’m in a place in my career right now where I’m hearing a lot of talk that hip-hop isn’t as lyrical as it once was.

I come from the school of Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, and rappers that are really intensely rhyming. With this new slew of music I am doing, it’s almost like I’m rhyming for other rappers.”

Having survived kidney failure several years ago for which he still undergoes dialysis treatments, Gab is launching a crowdfunding campaign via Patreon, with ten percent of the proceeds going directly to the National Kidney Foundation.

Not unlike his extensive lexicon, Gift of Gab’s drive and creative passion seems inexhaustible.

If his track ‘Dream Warrior’ from the ‘Next Logical Progression’ album is any indication, this EP is surely “for the dreamer in you, never ever let em tell you what you can and what you cannot do/ possibilities you can’t out rule, find the treasure that is hidden in you, dream warrior.”

Here is ‘Aspire’ from the forthcoming EP:

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