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Mic Drop: Why Rapper ‘Beleaf Melanin’ Is Choosing Fatherhood Over Hip Hop


Mic Drop: Why Rapper ‘Beleaf Melanin’ Is Choosing Fatherhood Over Hip Hop

“Good is the enemy of best.”

That’s what under-appreciated emcee and neighborhood wordsmith, Beleaf aka Beleaf Melanin underscores as the overarching rationale for his recent decision to no longer make hip hop albums and tour.

Having grown his Vlog series entitled ‘Beleaf in Fatherhood’, which chronicles the day-to-do experiences of raising his two young boys – with a daughter on the way- Beleaf’s focus has shifted to full-time family, though he concedes the sudden departure from his artistic passion is bittersweet.

“Success for me has always looked like having a family…the artist lifestyle isn’t for everyone, and if I could be paid for being a dad, I would. And that’s what I’m going to do,” Beleaf posed in a YouTube video explaining his decision to discontinue making albums.

Capturing the unpredictable hilarity along with life lessons, introspection, and food, for thought over dope beats of course, it’s no wonder the channel is steadily climbing in viewership.

Only in its infancy (pun unashamedly intended), Beleaf in Fatherhood has already grafted 20,000 subscribers into its refreshingly honest perspective.

You may have never heard of Beleaf or his fellow Dream Junkies, but the proof is in the lyrical pudding as to Beleaf’s prowess on the mic, with albums like ‘Red Pills + Black Sugar’ and ‘Good Religion’ seeing success on iTunes hip hop charts.

From his days with fellow artists Ruslan as a member of the Breax, to the trio known as Dream Junkies (Beleaf, John Givez, Ruslan), he has experienced the ups and owns of life as an underground hip hop success, but admits that his personal calling has always leaned toward providing for a tight-knit family of his own.


His latest and final album is available for preorder on KingsDreamEnt.

“I’m not trying to be arrogant, but I’m a really good emcee. I rap well. If you love 90’s hip hop, you’re gonna love this record; if you love new hip hop, you’re gonna love this record,” quipped Beleaf.

Add some good hip hop you didn’t know you need in your life to the collection, and hit up the Vlog while you’re at it.

It just may just be medicine for your bones.

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  • Patricioprofe

    This article is amazing! I really enjoyed the way the author describes Beleaf’s new transition into vlogging.

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