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Kanye West – All Day (Extended Snippet)


Kanye West – All Day (Extended Snippet)

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Well, well, well… What have we here?

It appears to be a grainy, unauthorized leak of a portion of Kanye West‘s new single, All Day. From what I can hear, it’s sounds like it won’t be too shabby.

Then again, I can’t really hear that much, and it may or may not heavily bite Nicki Minaj‘s Lookin Ass when you listen closely to the rhyme scheme and tempo.

UPDATE: A new leak of All Day has surfaced. The 2-minute leak can be heard below. Ignore the random woman coughing and speaking during a couple parts (Kim?) and it’s practically fully listenable.

Yeezus drops some funny one-liners like “Middle finger longer than Dikembe nigga”, and I toss out my assertion that it might sound like a Nicki Minaj rip-off.

Take a listen for yourself to the new leak of Kanye West‘s All Day  below:

Audio has been removed, per label request.

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