Happy Birthday MJ: CSHH’s Favorite Michael Jackson Songs

Happy Birthday MJ: CSHH’s Favorite Michael Jackson Songs


In case you’ve been sleep you’re whole life, or you’re just a young dude that doesn’t know any better, Michael Jackson paved the way for a good 90% of the music we listen to today. In honor of his birthday today (56) and his legacy (RIP), the CSHH team decided that we want to share our favorite Michael Jackson songs with you. Take a look:

Matt’s Pick: Dirty Diana (from 1987’s Bad)

Why This Song?: This one actually has personal reasons behind it. No, I didn’t smash a dirty THOT named Diana (unless I was drunk, then i guess we’ll never know). I actually played this song in high school while I was a member of the school marching band (if you’ve ever seen Drumline, the white guy on bass drum is my existence). In addition, one of my favorite artists, The Weeknd, did an incredible cover of the song as well. That nostalgia gives me fuel and I’m always tempted to belt out a leg kick when I listen to it.

Matt’s 2nd Pick: You Rock My World (From 2001’s Invincible)

Why This Song?: This is one that might catch many of you astute MJ fans off-guard. For me though, this is always going to hold a special place in my music catalog because it was the first time I really have recollection of a NEW MJ record (I was born in 1991, so classics like Liberian Girl were less than a blur to me at that point). As a budding music fan, I felt ownership and fandom for it. It was also aided by what, at the time as a 10 year old, was one of the most epic music videos I had ever seen. I’ve always been a sucker for romance, Chris Tucker’s comedy, and crime films, and the video had shades of all three. It felt like a Michael Jackson moment tailor made for me.

Brandon’s Pick: The Way You Make Me Feel (from 1987’s Bad)

Why This Song?: Ah, The Way You Make Me Feel – one of the first MJ songs I ever listened to. Growing up, my parents would occasionally listen to Michael Jackson but he wasn’t a favorite artist of theirs by any means. At about age 12, my mom played a song in the car that I had never heard before and it instantly struck a chord with me – it made me want to dance! That song was, of course, The Way You Make Me Feel, one of the more popular singles from MJ’s classic 1987 album Bad. Ever since hearing it that day, and at skating rinks (when that was still cool), it has been one of my favorite songs of any genre!

Brandon’s 2nd Pick: Man In The Mirror (from 1987’s Bad)

Why This Song?: One of the most emotional, self-reflective songs of all time, MJ’s Man In The Mirror was (and still is) an instant classic on the first listen. This song has such great passion behind it and if you’re ever procrastinating on something or wondering why you’re depressed, you should play this song 10+ times in a row and listen closely to the lyrics – it’ll change you.

Those are just 4 of our favorite songs, but the list could go on & on forever. Michael Jackson was, and still is, a true inspiration to not just the consumers, but also to artists and celebrities worldwide.

Hope you all have a great day! Happy Birthday, MJ!

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