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Frank Ocean Opens Up About His Sexuality


Frank Ocean Opens Up About His Sexuality

Over the past week or so, rumors have been floating around saying that Frank Ocean is gay. Well, tonight Frank Ocean posted a letter he wrote on a plane, where he addresses his sexuality. In the letter, he reveals that his first love was a guy at age 19. Read the full letter below.


  • Jt_fyniaina

    Who gives a shit about his sexuality???!!! I don’t!!!!!! All i know and care about for sure is that his music is gooood and thats all that matters to me

  • jojo

    this is a embrassement to OFWG

    • metro

      how the fuck is it? syd da kids a fucking lesbian

    • Oliver

      Then you sir are an idiot, good music is good music, no matter the sexuality. Retard, maybe you don’t like homosexuality or bisexuality because you yourself haven’t yet found yourself, for all you know, you could be a homosexual.

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