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Chris Brown and Drake Fight at Club in New York (Pics & Audio)


Chris Brown and Drake Fight at Club in New York (Pics & Audio)

Things are really heating up now! After going to the MMG listening party, multiple celebrities hit up WIP Nightclub; these celebrities including: Drake, Chris Brown, Meek Mill, Wale, French Montana, and more. Supposedly, Breezy was already at the club before the others and sent over a bottle to Drake, and Drake rejected the bottle and sent it back with a note saying “I’m fucking the love of your life, deal with it”. They both started arguing and punches were thrown from both camps. Drake also threw a bottle at Chris, giving him a deep gash on his chin. At least 5 people were injured in the incident but no arrests were made.

Update: According to SoFurious, here is what really happened:

Check out the photos of Chris Brown’s injured face, the result at the club, his tweets, and more pics below. Also, below is audio from an eye-witness and he explains what happened. video of Drake and his bodyguards a few hours before the fight.


Audio from an eye-witness:

Chris Brown’s bodyguard being treated for his injuries in the hospital:

Aftermath at the club:


[ TMZ / TheSun ]

  • Juelzmakemoney

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  • what a bunch of immature animals, fuck chris browns a faggot anyway. i love drake.

    • dre/dre/dre

      @olivia wall. if u got love for drake and say chris brown is a faggot. you dont know about the rap industry. dont forget drake aint hood the dude is faker than 3dollar bill. he’s from canada and he wanna fuck with real n_gg_rs. i know ppl who knw bout that dude and how he grew up in the richest parts of toronto, he’s not real. i aint got no issues with chris brown, but atleast that n_gg_r didnt hide in the bathroom, come on “aubrey” keep it real with yourself.

      • OFQ

        Your Dumb Ass Fuck Cause Drake Never Claimed He Was Hood Or Anything And If Drake Wants To Fuck With A Nigguh Then Let The Mofucker Do His Thing Shit SMH

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