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Chris Brown Agrees To Fight Drake In The Boxing Ring


Chris Brown Agrees To Fight Drake In The Boxing Ring

After Chris Brown and Drake’s fight at the NYC club a couple weeks back, billionaire media mogul Alki David put out an open offer out to both artists to fight in the ring for a total of $10 million. The offer was that $9 million would go to the winner and $1 million would go to the loser. However, David said that the winner will be encouraged to donate his earnings to a charity of his choice.

Last night in Los Angeles, Chris Brown’s agreement was caught on camera by RumorFix. The paparazzi asked Chris if he would consider taking up on the offer and he responded with, “Yeah, I would. I would.” Check out the video of Chris’ response below.

Alki told Shockya: “Should Drake accept the $10 million challenge to go toe to toe for three rounds against Chris Brown, both fighters will be put through training leading up to the Las Vegas event in September. They will be trained by iconic names in professional boxing history.”

If Drake agrees to the fight, we will not only hear about one awesome fight, but we would also be able to watch it live on Alki David’s website,

  • god mornek

  • that alki nigga would make way more than 10m off this fight..

  • Ethanemar

    beginning of speech

  • Vareto_95

    Chris …. :** <33

  • stop the lame

    where the fuck in that video does chris say he will fight drake?

    • djkings

      i dont think he did

    • Ethanemar

      beginning of speech

    • Im_mr Spacely

      For reals/. I Spend almost 5 minutes tryna hear

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