Top 5 Producers in Hip-Hop Right Now

Top 5 Producers in Hip-Hop Right Now
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Production is undoubtedly one of biggest aspects of a a Hip-Hop song and it has the ability to make or break a record. Since we are so technologically advanced in 2014, producers have the ability to produce almost anything imaginable. Below, we have compiled a list of our top 5 producers in the game right now! So, what’re you waiting for? Get started!

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  • RC

    Kanye is second to nobody!

  • Brian Mcleod

    Also no c lance = fail list.

  • Brian Mcleod

    The fact apollo brown isnt on this list means this list is null and void.

  • Alex Hicks

    Singers and Producers
    1-Travi$ Scott

    5-Key Wayne

  • rahid

    Mike Will
    Dj Mustard
    Metro Boomin
    (no particular order)

  • South nigga

    This list will change i promise

  • swingem

    why does every suck off metro? he has no hit songs!! if he does its with another producer so he got co-production credit. lol.

  • Juan Johnson

    MFs trippin where Zaytoven?

  • LordDiggaDaMicroafoneMutilator

    SPACEGHOSTPURRP & DJ Smokey kill all mentioned producers….

    • Brandon

      Not as of “right now” though, which is what the title says. Career wise? Sure, but not right now.

  • ThatzHim


    Only certain people know about Me… Ya’ll hear some different stuff soon. Be Patient.

    • Brandon

      10/10 list

  • Shaq

    Dr. Dre
    Kanye West (master of sampling)
    Between Andre 3000 and Marley Marl
    Honorable mentions J Cole, Terrace Martin, Young Chop, and Mike Will.
    Not in order

  • Mac

    Lots of rapers on this list, but in order to be a hip-hop producer, don’t you have to produce beats for real hip-hop artists? The name Jeezy got dropped way too many times for me to take this article seriously. The watering down of the genre at it’s worst/best.

  • skunk ape

    Drumma Boy is fire. His work with Pattah is next level.

  • kia

    so you pick the best current producers but you don’t even mention dj premier? he’s one of the greatest of all time and a hell of a lot better than these guys

  • M.L.J. Tha Beatmaker

    I would say… My Top 5 Producers that are taking over in the Hip-Hop industry right now is gonna be.
    1. Kanye West
    2. Mike Dean
    3. WondaGurl
    4. Digi+Phonics (Willie B, Tae Beast, Soundwave & Dave Free) (Idc what y’all bout to say)
    5. Jahlil Beats

    • Shaq

      TDE all day. Respect but they’re still new to it. The old heads got em now. By the time I get up though they’re gonna be the heads of it.

  • Rahkeem Smith

    1. Zaytoven
    2. Mike Will
    3. Hit Boy
    4. DJ Mustard
    5. Metro Boomin

  • Samy ßen

    dj mustard
    mike will made it
    nik nacc
    noah 40 shebib

  • cmc christs child

    have we forgot about hot n***a and i’ma boss (jahlil beats) and if yall like those look up wanna beez, burn, and jackpot. mike will, metro boomin,jahlil beats,Dj mustard,and lex lugar

  • Asmmarg

    1.Dj Dahi
    2.Mike Will made it
    3.London ondatrak9
    4. Metro Boomin

  • Marcel Zachary

    Where’s Just Blaze or Alchemist better where’s the classics like J Dilla,Nujabes or even F.A.B he real good if you want to put in pop rap and recent Hip-Hop but Michael Seven Summers his beats is what makes Tech N9ne music stand out outside these Jokers.

  • Alfredo Sitarosa

    Keep the list current.. them all old too. These are the best producers so far:

    Rob Luna Beats
    Johnny Juliano
    DJ Mustard

    (no particular order)

    • NateMOlson

      Yo what about Rikannati or Lex Luger??

  • Ronald Dantzler

    not on these guys level just yet but keep your ear open 4 da next thang from out of VA. Ronoilers he like-dat…

  • mafia

    not TM88… lol

    • mafia


  • not hip hop

    not actual hip hop

  • Kevin

    3.Young Chop.
    4. Mike Will Made it
    Not in order btw


      This list is like the same as mine


    MikeWill should be #1 OBVIOUSLY!!!

  • Johnny Cage

    1. Mike Will
    2. Metro
    3. Dj Mustard
    4.Honorable C Note
    5. Sledgren

  • tyree

    Where is LondonOnDaTrack

    • Ghost Of Len Bias

      After this Rich Gang tape, he might need to be in contention next go-round

  • dn007

    Where is DJ Dahi?!!!!

    • BirdBolt

      go hell bruh. That faggot??

  • jtgray745

    Good list, I feel like DJ Mustard should be higher tho.

  • Johnny Headbusta

    WTF, this is garbage pop rap, not Hip hop. think again…

    • Brandon


    • ProdByReidDixon

      I see what your saying but you gotta understand hip hop is changing into something that is less talent based weather it’s for the good or bad….mostly bad

      • LordDiggaDaMicrofoneMutilata

        NO!!!! There maybe a new pop rap genre that appeals to the masses of peeps who dont even like or know about real or authentic hiphop so to speak, But hiphop is not changing!! It’s just that this pop wave I huger than the authentic wave nowadays. Thats what you see in the media and thats what sells records for record labels. Rap has always had a conflict with labels, the labels are winning because now you don’t even need authentic talent to make a hit song now. Joe bloggs accept whatever is drip fed through the radio. That’s what you see in the media!! Who buys these pop rap songs? think about it!! The authentic hiphop fan isn’t even the target audience for labels anymore.

    • BirdBolt

      lmao niga…

  • Kekos

    Where the fck is Zaytoven???

    • Brandon

      He would’ve been top 10, but just didn’t make the cut for top 5. He was definitely kept in mind when compiling this list though.

  • disqus_uqFj75sE3v

    How on earth did you miss out Araabmuzik??? Mad

    • B Don

      Araabmuzik is dope but he hasn’t produced much lately. This list is as of RIGHT NOW, as in 2014.


President, CantStopHipHop

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