Album Review: Lil Wayne – I Am Not a Human Being II

Album Review: Lil Wayne – I Am Not a Human Being II


Remember when Lil Wayne used to keep stressing how he was the best rapper alive and how almost every other song he released would be an instant fan-favorite? Remember Tha Carter IV and its mainstream approach? Remember when Lil Wayne said rap was boring and he was going to retire? Any Lil Wayne fan would recall these events and would likely be disappointed in the road that Weezy has decided to take. From skateboarding, to dissing the Miami Heat, to having a near-death experience from possible drug overdose; Tunechi just doesn’t seem as interested in the rap game like he used to be. Needless to say, for his 10th studio album, I Am Not A Human Being II, Wayne actually delivers an overall solid LP that has different sounds to it, despite the careless attitude.

Track 1. “IANAHB”

If the signature lighter sound weren’t at the beginning of this track, I would’ve never guessed this to be a Lil Wayne track. The reason being the extended, over one-minute piano intro before we hear any lyrics. Once Wayne actually starts rapping it’s a different, but dope, beat that surprisingly fits Wayne rather nicely. As for the lyrics, it’s exactly what you’d expect from Wayne. The first line sets the mood for the track, “I’m in the crib butt naked bitch / She said my dick could be the next black president.” The beat does switch up around the 4:07 mark and picks up the pace before toning back down, which adds a nice touch to the track. Overall, the song is a great introduction to the LP as it expresses what Wayne will mainly be talking about throughout the album.
[button type=”tiny”]4.5/5[/button]

Track 2. “Curtains” Feat. Boo

This one leaked months before the official version was released and was named I Ain’t Nervous. I’m sure Wayne and his team was disappointed when this one leaked because it is undoubtedly one of the fan-favorites from the LP. The track has a very good vibe to it and it makes you want to turn it up to the max volume level while cruising around town. The extremely catchy, auto-tuned hook backed up by a dope beat from Detail and solid verses proves this one to be a dope cut that will be played for months, and maybe years to come.
[button type=”tiny”]5/5[/button]

Track 3. “Days And Days” Feat. 2 Chainz

For track number three, Lil Wayne gives us the first major sample (Barbara Lynn’s “Good Woman”) and feature (2 Chainz) from the album, for Days And Days. Weezy rides the fast-paced beat effectively and 2 Chainz comes in strong for the second verse, which is then followed by another solid Wayne verse. The sampled hook is short but gets the job done nicely.
[button type=”tiny”]4.5/5[/button]

Track 4. “Gunwalk“ Feat. Gudda Gudda

For track number four, Wayne gets a trap-style beat for an all-out trap song about, well, guns. Wayne and Gudda Gudda rap throughout the whole song about shooting and threatening to shoot people. Some quotables include “I don’t do no arguin’, I let the gun talk” and “Don’t open up yo fuckin’ mouth/Cause I’ll pull the trigger like teeth nigga/Shoot ’em up, then leave nigga.” The Juicy J ad-libs are evident from the start and at first I was left wondering why I was hearing them when he wasn’t listed as a feature, but he ended up reciting the hook a couple at the very end of the track. Another thing to note, Gudda Gudda actually had a very solid verse for being so negatively perceived in the hip-hop community. This one would’ve gotten a higher rating if it wasn’t so repetitive about gun talk and showed a little more versatility but if you aren’t as critical as I am, you’ll love this song.
[button type=”tiny”]3.5/5[/button]

Track 5. “No Worries” Feat. Detail

This one shouldn’t need an introduction because, chances are, if you’ve ever listened to Lil Wayne, you’ve heard this song. Originally appearing on his Dedication 4 mixtape, Wayne decided to make the catchy track an official single for his album. Again, this is another “feel good” track that you feel should be played at high volumes because of the catchiness and easy ability to sing along. Wayne gives us his signature sexual quotables, such as “And if she make this dick hard, she woke up a sleeping giant/Man your bitch speak in tongues every time we speak in private.”
[button type=”tiny”]4/5[/button]

Track 6. “Back To You”

With Jamie Lidell’s “Compass” being used as a sample, Wayne takes things slow in rapping about his love for a girl and how he wants sex. The beat is more of a rock-type but Wayne isn’t fully rock on this track. “Cuz girl it’s almost twelve, and this dick won’t suck itself/Girl you know it need some help, it’ll make a nigga’s day.” The sample and smoothness of the beat make this track very enjoyable to listen to regardless of the sometimes cringe-worthy lyrics.
[button type=”tiny”]4/5[/button]

Track 7. “Trigger Finger” Feat. Soulja Boy

I’m sure many were surprised, as was I, when they found out Soulja Boy was going to be on this album as a feature and as a producer. Well, for Trigger Finger, Soulja Boy gets to showcase what he’s all about and, unfortunately, it didn’t impress me whatsoever. Let’s talk about the good, though. Weezy’s flow was spot-on for this track and the fast-paced trap beat was perfection. The bass drops during the hook and the background sounds of the beat are very memorable and dope. There are also plenty of memorable punchlines in this track like we’re used to hearing from the old Weezy. “Tools on deck, tattoos on necks/Life is a bitch, I’ll make her yo ex/ Better turn to God, ‘fore I turn to Godzilla.“ Needless to say, this would have been my favorite song on the album and would’ve gotten a 5/5 if Soulja Boy was cut out and we got another Wayne verse or a better feature.
[button type=”tiny”]4/5[/button]

Track 8. “Beat The Shit” Feat. Gunplay

This track begins with a classic auto-tune Wayne hook rapping about hurting/killing people, saying “Fuck with me wrong, take me out my zone And I’ll knock the motherfuckin’ snow off your cone, nigga.” The hook is very repetitive but you get used to it after the first time and it isn’t as bad after that. Gunplay had a surprisingly great opening verse on this one and had me hype and bobbing my head during it. As for the rest of the track, nothing really impressed me or stood out.
[button type=”tiny”]1.5/5[/button]

Track 9. “Rich As Fuck” Feat. 2 Chainz

Again, this one shouldn’t need an introduction because I’m sure you’ve all played this one at least 3 times. This track also leaked months ago but Wayne decided to switch the verses around for the final version. The 2 Chainz-featured cut served as the fourth single and the video was just released. This is easily my favorite track on the album. Wayne delivers many fresh metaphors and quotables throughout the track, such as: “She get on that dick and stay on, all night like porch lights” and “And I see your girl when I want, I got that ho TiVo’d.” The hook is nicely handled by 2 Chainz and fits the mood of the song. The T-Minus production is also incredible.
[button type=”tiny”]5/5[/button]

Track 10. “Trippy” Feat. Juicy J

Just from the title of the track and the featured artist, I’m sure you can guess what this song is about. That’s right, drugs. Juicy J lets us know what’s in his trippy kit for the chopped and screwed hook, reciting, “Weed, pills and that drank, that’s my trippy kit.” The entire track is about getting high and doing different types of drugs. Being a big Juicy J fan, I guess I just expected too much from this song.
[button type=”tiny”]2/5[/button]

Track 11.  “Bitches Love Me” Feat. Drake, Future

With Future and Drake on the hook and Mike Will Made It on the beat, it’s bound to be a smash hit; and that it was. Bitches Love Me served as a single from the album and quickly gained popularity from the mainstream crowd and then proceeded to blow up the clubs. Wayne’s verses are decent but with such a catchy hook, you almost only listen to the track for the hook alone.
[button type=”tiny”]5/5[/button]

Track 12. “Romance”

Wayne switches up his flow and lyrics (a little) for this heart-felt record titled Romance. Weezy is explaining his love for a girl and the (sexual) things he has done with and for her. This is just a really laid-back, chill type tune that is a nice change from the norm. It would’ve been nice to see maybe Future or Drake sing this hook but Wayne handles is nicely nonetheless.
[button type=”tiny”]4/5[/button]

Track 13. “God Bless Amerika”

Wayne takes us into his state of mind and his thought process for this one and asks “Will I die or go to jail today? Cause I live by the sword and die by the sword. Heard police was looking for me, I’mma hide by abroad.”  The track is very mellow at first but picks up the pace for an overall solid track but lacks memorable quotables.
[button type=”tiny”]3/5[/button]

Track 14. “Wowzers” Feat. Trina

The Soulja Boy production on this one is just downright annoying and isn’t complex whatsoever, any amateur producer could have made this beat. That alone ruins the track for me because it’s really hard to listen to it for more than 1 minute. Wayne and Trina both rap about sex and flow rather nicely on the horrid beat. Again, nothing memorable here and I always end up skipping this one when listening to the album.
[button type=”tiny”]0/5[/button]

Track 15. “Hello” Feat. Shane Heyl

Tunechi returns to his “Rebirth” style in this full-out rock-metal song. If you didn’t like Wayne’s rock album then you will definitely hate this one. The hook is absolutely horrible and the song is just…weird.
[button type=”tiny”]0/5[/button]

Track 16. “Lay It Down” Feat. Cory Gunz & Nicki Minaj

For the first bonus track, Wayne recruits Cory Gunz and Nicki Minaj for Lay It Down. The beat is very futuristic-sounding but unfortunately nothing really worked out on this one. The hook is absolutely terrible and all three verses are forgettable.
[button type=”tiny”]0.5/5[/button]

Track 17. “Hot Revolver” Feat. Dre

This is a very old song that was originally intended to be on Wayne’s rock album Rebirth but somehow didn’t make the cut. This has always been one of my favorite Tunechi tracks mainly because it’s different and extremely catchy. Dre (of Cool & Dre) delivers the catchy hook that you’ll be remembering after hearing this track. The rock/hip-hop mix works out perfectly on this track but doesn’t really fit the vibe of IANAHB2, which is probably why it was a bonus track.
[button type=”tiny”]3.5/5[/button]

Track 18. “My Homies Still” Feat. Big Sean

This one was originally dubbed as a single for the album but after hearing the whole IANAHB2 album, it makes sense that it was a bonus track because it just doesn’t fit. The very unique StreetRunner beat and two verses from Big Sean couldn’t even save this song. The flow is on point but none of the lyrics are memorable at all. This just seems like a very “fun” record. Not my cup of tea.
[button type=”tiny”]1/5[/button]

Overall, I Am Not A Human Being II is exactly what you would expect from Lil Wayne in 2013. The album is very gritty  and Wayne mainly raps about sex, guns, drugs and relationships. There are plenty of quotables and punchlines that will be remembered from this album, along with tracks that will be played for years to come. That being said, there were also many forgettable tracks that should not have even made the cut for the album but should have rather been on a mixtape. I will admit that this album was a lot better than Tha Carter IV but it just seemed all over the place and unorganized. The bonus tracks were really bad and the album could have done without them. I’d say that 2 Chainz was the star feature on the LP because he was featured on two of the best tracks on the album and delivered on both. Lastly, the production throughout the album was great, with a wide variety of different beats from some of the best producers in the game.
[box color=”green”] Favorite Tracks: Curtains, Rich As Fuck, Bitches Love Me [/box]
[box color=”red”] Least Favorite Tracks: Wowzers, Hello, Lay It Down [/box]

Overall Rating:
[button type=”big”]3.05/5[/button]

Agree? Disagree? Feel free to leave comments and opinions below.

Brandon aka Blaze

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  • Fred Weisz

    Bitches Love Me deserves a lower rating and Lay It Down deserves at lest a 2.5/5. Otherwise the rest was very accurate and the reviews were very true. Thumbs up.

  • Fred Weisz

    God Bless Amerika deserves at least a 4/5 !!

  • Freshy P

    Dope and unbiased review.. the rating were dead on too. Props


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